5 Erotic European Movies Of The 70′s

These 5 erotic European movies of the 1970s represent a period when European films were often pushing sexual boundaries. They were made to be highly erotic without crossing the line into the area of porn. Many of these movies work on a number of levels and can be enjoyable beyond just a sexual dimension.

  1. “Eugenie… The Story of Her Journey Into Perversion” is a crazy film directed by Jesus Franco. It’s about a girl who spends the summer with a couple who are trying to corrupt her innocence. The movie is directed by Jesus Franco, who made a lot of other erotic European movies and it is very well-filmed.
  2. “Werewolf Woman” is actually not a standard horror film or even a werewolf movie. It was marketed that way, but in reality it is a film about female liberation and sexual mores. Like many other erotic European movies, it’s both sexually charged and violent at the same time.
  3. “Emmanuelle” is a classic among erotic European movies. This is the definitive movie dealing with a woman searching for greater levels of sexual enlightenment. It’s beautifully made with a stunning actress in the lead role and plenty of skin.
  4. “Erotic Kill” is a prime example of how horror was often mixed in with erotic European movies, especially in the 1970s. The movie was also called “Female Vampire” and it is about a girl vamp looking for blood and lesbian sex. This movie was also directed by Jesus Franco.
  5. “Emmanuelle in America” is actually not made in America, nor does it have any relation to the other "Emmanuelle" film. The filmmaker, Joe D’Amato, used the name Emmanuelle as part of the marketing strategy because the other movie was so famous. This is a very strange movie with tons of sex and like many other erotic European movies, lots of violence as well.



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