5 Essential Foreplay Tips For Men

Here are 5 essential foreplay tips for men. Foreplay is a great way to get warmed up before sex. It can help both you and your partner get into the mood. So if you need a few tips, here are 5 essential ones that every man should incorporate into foreplay.

  1. Do not go straight for the hot spots. Never start off foreplay by going straight to a woman’s vagina, breasts, or butt. Start off by gently rubbing her thighs, arms, stomach, back and let your fingers run through her hair. This is a much better way to get her warmed up.
  2. Don’t forget to kiss her. There is a lot of touching and caressing involved in foreplay. So much so, that you might completely forget about kissing her! Kissing is a great way to show love and desire, it is also deeply personal. Make sure that you never forget to kiss your partner and always do it with passion.
  3. Take your time undressing her. You are not a crazed animal, so do not tear off her clothes immediately. Anticipation can make foreplay all the better. Make her wonder every time you put your hands on top of her pants or bottom of her shirt when you will finally start to undress her. This will surely leave her lying on pins and needles. Her senses will be heightened which will in turn, make your touch much more sensual.
  4. Mix compliments with dirty talk. Complimenting her and mixing in some dirty talk can really turn a girl on. Each time you kiss her neck, whisper something dirty into her ear. When you kiss her body, tell her how sexy and beautiful you think she is.
  5. Don’t focus on one area for too long. Staying in one area for too long can make her get bored so keep your hands moving. If you find a spot that makes her go crazy, that’s great, but don’t stay on that spot for too long. Go back and forth between that special spot and other areas of her body.
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