5 Essential Water Ski Accessories

Dive into this sport with these 5 essential water ski accessories. Like all sports you need the proper accessories for water skiing for success and safety. When shopping for these essential water ski accessories, be sure to go with trusted brands; sometimes those bargain brands don’t hold up as well as you would think. Also, remember to shop around to get the best price.

  1. Life vest or preserver. This essential water ski accessory is very important for safety. Going to a store where you can be fitted for your life vest or preserver is ideal if you have never worn one before. When a life vest or preserver fits correctly, it will be snug. Be sure to select a style that is a bright color such as yellow, pink, orange or any other color that can help with visibility.
  2. Wetsuit. While a bathing suit will work for water skiing, a wet suit can be worth the investment. A wetsuit will help protect your skin from water impacts and from the sun. This essential water ski accessory can also help keep you from getting a chill after you get out of the water.
  3. Water ski bindings. Be sure to select bindings that allow you to quickly release your skis. Should there be an emergency, the ability to release your skis quickly can save your life.
  4. Ski gloves. This essential water ski accessory will help protect your hands from blisters and keep you comfortable while you ski. Ski gloves will also help give you a good grip.
  5. Ski boat. This water ski essential might come as no to surprise but there are many things you should consider. The motor of the boat that you ski behind will be responsible for a lot of the disturbance in the water. It is best to select a ski boat that will create a minimal amount of water disturbance. A popular choice are speedboats.
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