5 European Soccer Players That Retired 2010

They will surely be missed, but these 5 European soccer players that retired 2010 will forever be a part of the soccer history. They have made big names, and it’s time for them to sit back and take things on a lighter way.

  1. Jon Dahl Tomasson:  As one of Denmark’s highest scorers, Tomasson had his final game during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. As one of the European soccer players that retired 2010, he said that it’s time now to end his career with soccer, as he had thought about it deliberately before deciding. He is one of the greatest players for the team. The team did not want him to go yet but they have respected his decision.
  2. Giovanni van Bronckhorst:   Feyenoord captain van Bronckhorst said his goodbye to his team after the FIFA 2010 Word Cup. He did a really fantastic job during his last games, which put even more light on his illustrious career. However, as one of the five European soccer players that retired 2010, he claimed that it was time to close a chapter of his life that though he really loved. After all, he spent almost half of his life playing soccer.
  3. Jesper Grønkjær:  As one of the midfielders of Denmark, Grønkjær sure did a great job as a member of the National Team. He too is one of the five European soccer players that retired 2010 for he felt that his services had to end, since he is already nearing 33. He had 80 caps overall, and is a member who will surely be missed.
  4. Martin Jørgensen:  Together with Grønkjær, Jørgensen retired from international football. He is a midfielder who had 99 caps through his entire career. This man, who is among the five European soccer players that retired 2010, made his announcement during Denmark's exit from the World Cup.
  5. Thierry Henry:  The all-time top scorer of France is the last among the five European soccer players that retired 2010. He joined the New York Red Bulls, and he claimed that he had to be with the organization 100% and to devote his time there. His last game was against South Africa, which was also the first country that he played against in his career.  



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