5 Exciting Places To Have Sex

If you're looking to spice things up between you and your partner, you need to look into these 5 exciting places to have sex. While doing it on the couch or the bedroom gets dull after a while, maybe a little loving in these locations will be just the thing to put that spark back into your relationship. Always remember that sex in public isn't exactly kindly looked upon by law enforcement, so exercise caution and try not to be too loud in these five exciting places to have sex.

  1. The Office Make your lunch hour even better with some afternoon delight! Close the shades and lock the door, making certain that you don't have any incoming calls or impending appointments. The office is one of the most exciting places to have sex because mid-day loving is one of the best ways to reduce stress and make the rest of your job go by even faster. Best of all, when you're done you can just put your clothes back on and continue your day, leaving your co-workers to be none the wiser.
  2. The Woods Why not get some more exercise while you're out on a hike with your partner? Be sure to find a patch that doesn't have any poison oak or thorn bushes and make certain that you're as far away from a highway to popular trail as possible. If your partner feels uneasy about leaning up against a rock or tree, you may want to bring a sheet or blanket along so that, if she likes things to be a little more traditional, you can simply lay it on the ground. This is one of the most exciting places to have sex for the raw, animalistic feeling that it inspires afterwards. Get really in touch with nature by having sex in the woods.
  3. On a Boat We all know the age-old adage about boats rocking and when not to knock, so why not use that as inspiration for some boning on the high seas? It might a little difficult to get your rhythm in sync with the motions of the ocean, but after some tweaking you'll be sure to get the idea. If the weather's nice, the two of you will probably already be in your swimsuits, so it's not like wearing clothes is going to be an issue.
  4. In an Elevator Sometimes, the ride up to the 87th floor can be a long one, so make it more interesting in one of the most exciting places to have sex. Note that many elevators have cameras in them, so be sure to perform your lovemaking in a building that you don't plan on coming back to anytime soon. Elevator sex is some of the best sex that you can have because it will be quick, steamy and both of you will be feeling the thrill that someone could walk in at any moment.
  5. In a Bar Bathroom You've seen it happen in movies and television, so you already know that the bar bathroom is one of the most exciting places to have sex. If you pick a peak time, like a Friday or Saturday night, you're more likely to not be heard by authorities, but you may need to deal with creepy bar patrons looking to have a peek. Fill in the time between cocktails with a little bit of loving in the bathroom of your favorite bar.
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