5 Exercises For Better Sex

Every male should know about these 5 exercises for better sex. Just because sex is a natural part of human nature doesn't mean you should take your ability to have sex for granted. The truth is, you have to be in decent shape in order to enjoy sex, and you will have to be in great shape in order to have great sex. This list will provide five exercises for a better sex life.

You will need:

  • An empty pillow case.
  1. Kegal exercises. A stronger erection is the first thing you will need for better sex, and doing kegel exercises will help you get one. Kegel exercises will strengthen your PC muscle, which stretches from your pubic bone to your tail bone. Simply squeeze your rectum, hold it for a ten count and let go; that's kegel exercise. Do these whenever you are sitting, especially driving or watching television. Kegel exercises can also be done when you are standing.
  2. Push-ups. If you haven't done push-ups in a while or ever, there is an alternative: wall push-ups. Place your palms flat against any wall that can support your weight, step back from the wall until you are comfortable with the resistance, bend your elbows and push the weight back. Push-ups will strengthen your chest, shoulders, back and to some degree, abdominals. All of these muscle will allow you to support your weight for a longer period during sex. Do five sets of ten wall push-ups or floor push-ups at least three times a week.
  3. Squats. Squats with weights can be difficult for beginners, so do them without at first. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width; fold your arms in front of yourself and stick them out for balance. Slowly bend your knees and stop about halfway, returning to your starting position. Squats will strengthen every muscle in your body, especially your lower back and quadriceps, which are necessary for long periods of thrusting during sex. Squats will also help deliver blood to the lower extremities for a better erection.
  4. Calisthenics. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart; place your hands on you waist. Bend over, touch your toes, return to the starting position, then reach above your head. Do these at a fairly rapid pace for thirty seconds, rest for thirty seconds and go again. Do these for five minutes at least three times a week. Instead of resting for thirty seconds in between, try shadow boxing for thirty seconds to increase your endurance. The increase in endurance will help make sex better.
  5. Strength exercises. Fill the pillow case with books or anything you want until it weighs about ten pounds. Stand with the weighted pillow case in one hand and the other hand on your waist; curl the weighted pillow case for ten repetitions. Repeat with the other hand. Do three sets of ten at least three times a week. Hold the weighted pillow case in front of yourself with both hands palms facing you and together; slowly pull the weighted pillow case up to your face and slowly lower it to the starting position. Do three sets of ten at least three times a week. This exercise will tone your biceps and shoulders for stability during sex.


Do these simple exercises at home whenever you want, and you will be having better sex almost immediately.

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