5 Exercises To Do With A Weider 8510 Home Gym

If you know the five exercises to do with a Weider 8510 home gym, then you know the machine inside and out. There aren’t many exercises or variations on them, which is one reason the Weider 8510 is also called a 5-station machine. But, master your form for the following five exercises and you can maximize your time on the Weider 8510 home gym.

  1. Overhand Lat Pulldown. At the back of the machine there is a weight stack where you will choose the weight amount you want to use for the pulldown. Choose your weight and then sit in the Weider 8510 home gym seat. Reach up and grasp the handles on either end of the pulldown bar. Concentrate on your back muscles as you pull the bar down to your chest. Raise the bar up and repeat for eight to twelve repetitions. Many people perform this exercise by bringing the bar behind their heads. Do not do this as it could result in shoulder impingement or rotator cuff injury.
  2. Underhand Lat Pulldown. This exercise on the Weider 8510 home gym is performed almost identically to the overhand lat pulldown above. The only exception is that instead of grabbing the pulldown bar with an overhand grip, this time you will incorporate a supinated (or underhand) grip. Most people find it easier to bring their hands to the center of the bar when performing underhand pulldowns. Whether narrow or wide grip, make sure you perform the pulldown underhanded. Bring the bar to your chest. Raise the bar up and repeat for eight to twelve repetitions.
  3. Machine Press. The Weider 8510 does not have an adjustable bench. Because of this, you cannot perform a traditional bench press with this machine. However, it does come with a machine press exercise that mimics the bench press. To perform this exercise, adjust the weight stack to your desired amount. Sit in the seat and grip the handles that extend from the U-bar at your sides. With on overhand grip, push the U-bar out in front of you by extending your arms. Bring the bar back to starting position and repeat for eight to twelve repetitions.
  4. Butterfly. To complement the machine press, the Weider 8510 home gym has a butterfly feature for more pectoral work. Start this exercise by choosing your desired weight amount on the weight stack in the back of the machine. Sit in the seat and rest your forearms on the pads of the U-bar that hangs from the overhead tower. Bring your arms together and hold for a count of one. Release the hold and return to starting position. Repeat for eight to twelve repetitions. To maximize this exercise, focus on squeezing your chest muscles throughout the contraction movement. Also, try not to grip the U-bar, but instead focus on your forearms doing all of the work.
  5. Leg Extension. The 8510 offers you a chance to work your lower body, too, with the leg extension attachment. Choose your desired weight amount from the weight stack in the back of the machine. Sit in the seat and hang your legs over the foam pads of the leg extension. Lock your ankles behind the foam pads at the bottom of the attachment. Perform the exercise by raising your lower legs until they are parallel to the floor. Lower your legs back to starting position. Repeat for eight to twelve repetitions.



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