5 Exercises For Flabby Arms

If you have excess arm flab, learn about these 5 exercises for flabby arms. While you can't "spot tone" you can use these 5 flabby arm exercises in addition to your fitness plan to get toned arms. Start these five arm exercises by doing cardio for ten to fifteen minutes. Then, do some light arms stretches. For best results, you should try to do these flabby arm exercises two to three times per week.

In order to learn about five exercises for flabby arms, you will need:

  • Dumbbells
  • A sturdy bench
  • Twenty minutes
  1. Triceps Push-up. This flabby arm exercise will tone your triceps and your chest. Get in the push-up position. Bring your arms in so that you are resting on your elbows are under your chest. Spread your fingers apart and lower yourself to the ground and push yourself back up. Repeat this exercise. Work up to two sets of fifteen triceps push-ups to get rid of flabby arms.
  2. Reverse Push-up. This easy flabby arm exercise produces great results. Get into the "crab" position so that your feet and hands are touching the floor. Opposite of the position for a traditional push-up. Make sure that your fingers are together and pointing toward your feet. Lower yourself to the ground and then back up. Repeat. This flabby arm exercise targets your deltoids, shoulder and your back.
  3. Running Biceps curls. This flabby arm exercise is especially great for runners and swimmers. With a dumbbell in each hand, swing your arms up and down. Don't go any higher than your shoulder and don't go any lower than your hips. The motion should mimic your arms while running. Do this exercise for one minute then rest. Repeat once.
  4. Dips. Find a bench that can support your weight. Put your palms on the bench with your fingers facing away from it. Put your feet out in front of you and cross your legs. Lower yourself down as far as your elbows will bend. Now, raise yourself back up. Try to do two sets of 30 reps of this flabby arm exercise.
  5. Triceps Extension. Sit on the bench (preferably one with back support). Grab one dumbbell and lift it over your head. Slowly lower the dumbbell to your back, focusing on your triceps. For this flabby arm exercise, make sure you are not pulling with your elbows.
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