5 Exercises For A Larger Penis

Keeping the body in shape produces the most firm, fit physic possible, so utilizing the top 5 exercises for a larger penis will ensure the most firm, fit penis possible. Like the rest of the body, the groin has muscles that can be manipulated and toned to improve strength, mobility and size. Like all work out regiments, these are best done on a long term basis to promote and keep up a healthy, toned groin area. In order to continue seeing results, its recommended to keep up the exercises.

  1. The first and most popular penis exercise is called Jelquing. This exercise requires you to wrap your thumb and pointer finger around the base of your penis. From there, you squeeze and push down to the head of the penis. This milking technique increases the blood flow through the body of the penis, essentially stretching the penis. It works best if your alternate hand to hand, utilizing both hands to work the blood flow through the penis.
  2. The next penis exercise is called Kegals. This exercise requires you to strengthen the muscles by squeezing the muscles in your penis like your stopping the flow of pee. If you feel like your working out your stomach or butt muscles while doing this, then it's being done incorrectly. The exercise has you squeezing the muscles off and on, the same muscles you use to stop and start the flow of pee. These are best done in sets of ten, with a pause in between and starting out with twenty or 30 at a time.
  3. The next penis exercise is called the Length Extender. This exercise requires you to take one hand and wrap it firmly around the head of your penis, and wrap the other hand around the first one for a strong grip. You can either be sat on the edge of a chair, or standing straight up. Take a firm grip on the head, and pull straight out, and holding for a period of 30 second. The penis should be pulled so the stretching can be felt, but is not uncomfortable or painful. Do these for 30 seconds with a short pause, and ten times in a row. The intensity can be increase each time, as long as no pain is caused.
  4. This next penis exercise stretches the penis as well. This exercise requires you to grab hold of the penis in the same fashion as the last exercise, with one hand wrapped around the head, and one around that hand. While holding on, stretch outward and then rotate to the left in a circular motion 30 times. Take a break afterwards and massage your penis or slap it against the thigh to get the blood flowing again. Next, grab hold of the head, stretch out and rotate to the right in a circular motion 30 times. Do each of these one times a day to help stretch out the muscles and encourage adding length.
  5. The last penis exercise is called the Wally Wally Up. This exercise requires you to sit on the edge of a chair and get your penis into an erect state. Next, hang a small towel or hand towel over the head of the penis. Next, contract the muscles to rise the head of the penis all the way up and hold for three to five seconds. Do five to ten reps for three to five sets. As you get stronger, you can add resistance through wetting the towel, or adding a larger towel to the head of the penis.
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