5 Exercises To Make Your Butt Bigger

Here are 5 exercises to make your butt bigger. Whether your behind is too flat or simply not round enough, exercise can increase the size. With regular use, these exercises to make your butt bigger will give you a firm, round derriere. The muscles in the butt area are known as the gluteus or glutes. Building these muscles enlarges the butt.  Always consult with a physician before beginning any workout routine. Be sure to keep the body hydrated and work with a partner if using free weights. A professional trainer is always suggested if possible.

  1. Lunges. One of the best exercises to make your butt bigger is called a lunge. The exercise is accomplished by taking a large step forward with one foot. Plant the forward foot firmly on the ground. Bend the knee of the forward leg until it almost touches the ground. Do not let the rear leg move. Straighten the knee and bring the rear leg forward in a large step. Repeat the knee bend action. Do at least twenty of these step and bend motions to begin with and build up to 50 over time. Hold dumbbells in both hands to increase the effectiveness of the lunge.
  2. Squats. Exercises to make your butt bigger include squats. Place your feet shoulder width and firmly planted on the floor. Push the butt back and keep the torso erect. Begin by holding arms straight out in front of the body. Squeeze the butt muscles and bend at the knees to a 45 degree angle. Hold for three seconds and return to standing. Add dumbbells to each hand or a barbell with weights held behind the head on the shoulders to increase the intensity of the exercise.
  3. Hip lifts. A simple exercise to make your butt bigger is the hip lift. Lay flat on the stomach with arms extended above the head. Point the toes and lift the legs up off the floor. Hold for three seconds and repeat. Do at least ten to start and build to twenty.
  4. Hip flutters. Much like the hip lifts, another one of the exercises to make your butt bigger is the hip flutter. Lay flat on the stomach and lift legs up slightly. Separate the legs and bring them back together before returning them to the floor. Start with ten and work upwards to as many as 50.
  5. Dead lifts. Dead lifts are one of the most effective exercises to make your butt bigger. Place a set amount of weight on a bar bell and place on the floor. Plant your feet firmly shoulder width apart. Keep your body in an upright position. Reach your arms down and bend at the knee pushing the butt outward. Grab the barbell and lift to the natural area your arms reach. Place the barbell back on the floor using the same motion.
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