5 Exercises To Run Faster

Learn these 5 exercises to run faster for a more competitive edge at your next track meet. From short dashing to long distance running, the drills used for practice are key to out doing the competition. Always take precautions prior to training. Work under the watchful eye of a professional trainer or coach. Stay fully hydrated and do not overwork the muscles.

  1. Short Stepping. To increase speed and agility, one of the exercises to run faster involves moving the feet up and down in place as quickly as possible. Barely moving the feet off the ground, the extremely fast movement builds up overall muscle tone of the legs and increases the athlete's motion control. This is a timed exercise. The length of time spent on this drill should increase over the training period.
  2. Knee lifts. To build lean muscle mass and increase agility and flexibility, lift the knees up even to hip level while jogging. This exercise to run faster extends the flexor muscles and stretches out the ligaments and tendons in the leg allowing for more fluid movement during running. This exercise also assists in building endurance. This exercise is performed with specified distances. Increase the distance of knee lift running as training progresses.
  3. Butt kicking. Kicking the butt while running stretches and extends the muscles allowing more flexibility and therefore increasing speed. This exercise to run faster is performed in distance stints and ranges from fast running to slow movement.
  4. Power burst. For the dash runner, power bursts are exercises to run faster. The runner starts from a stand still and pushes off as hard as possible to reach maximum speed quickly. The dashes are short and quick.
  5. Weight running. The final exercise to run faster involves the use of ankle weights. Running with ankle weights builds up the leg muscles and helps to increase speed.
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