5 Extreme Erotic Scenes In French Movies

The words French and erotic are nearly redundant when thinking of 5 extreme erotic scenes in French movies. But all the same, consider these films when you do begin to consider extreme erotic scenes in French movies.

  1.  “Ecstasy” Most film historians agree that legendary actress Hedy Lamarr was the first in her field to appear nude in a mainstream film. And since this occurred in 1933, this easily tops the list of films including extreme erotic scenes in French movies by most film historians. And of course the hottest scene is the aforementioned one that features Lamarr nude. 
  2. “My Body Burns” Released in 1972, this lesbian based feature stays extreme…even by today’s standards. It’s French and it features lesbian sex, so it is a given as far as its listing of flicks where extreme erotic scenes in French movies is concerned. Further, there are so many steamy sequences that it is best to leave the choice of the hottest scene up to the individual viewer and their taste.
  3. “Cache” This 2005 opus graphically depicts what a “peeping tom” observes while watching a married couple’s physical attachment. It does actually have a plot, but is extremely erotic all the same. And as far as the hottest scene goes, most will agree that the first one where the "peeper" initially spies on the couple in question is the hottest. 
  4. “Brotherhood of the Wolf” This incredibly well-written and well-made werewolf tale from 2005 is only erotic in an underlying sense where its plot is concerned. But for those who can read between the lines, it is extremely hot…as displayed throughout, but most prominently in the second "kill" scene.
  5. “Truck Stop” 1978 saw the release of this piece that film students believe to have been the model for most pornography made worldwide throughout the 1980’s. The plot is thin, the production values are weak…and it is a definite must on any list of films including extreme erotic scenes in French movies. It has blatant sex in most every scene, so mentioning any one as the hottest would only inspire arguments. (However, a large percentage of this cinematic effort's fans agree that the first scene involving more than two characters is the show-stopper.)     

Further, there is no shortage of other extreme erotic scenes in French movies. So you’d be well-advised to research them.

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