5 Facts About Darton Compound Bows

What are five facts about Darton Compound Bows? Darton is an archery company with a long and rich history in the archery industry. They were one of the first makers of compound bows back when they were first pioneered. They have stayed at the forefront of archery since that time. Here are a few facts about Darton compounds which may be of interest to the potential compound bow buyer.

  1. Darton has nine models of compound bows. With nine models to choose from the potential compound bow buyer has a lot of options. Careful study of each model will determine what bow is best for you.
  2. Darton has a wide variety of pricing options. With bows in their line which run from $830 all the way down to $114 Darton makes a compound bow which will fit any wallet.
  3. Darton makes both short and mid-axle compound bows.  Short-axle compound bows have a measurement of 32 inches and under between the axles. These are short hunting bows designed for use from tree stands and other very constricted shooting locations. Mid-axle compounds are a bit longer and can be used from tree stands and other locations. Some shooters prefer the short and some the mid-axle, Darton provides for both options.
  4. Darton compounds feature a wide variety of let-off. Darton sells bows with let-off between 40 and 80%. This gives their owners the widest choice in "feel." Let-off is the percent of the draw weight which is "let off" as the string is drawn. The larger the percent of let-off the less draw weight the shooter holds back at full draw. In traditional longbows and recurves the shooter feels the entire draw weight at full draw, not so the compound shooter. Some shooters prefer a large let-off, some prefer to feel the weight of the draw more. Darton allows you to tailor your let off .  
  5. Darton makes a compound bow specifically designed for bow fishing. For those who enjoy bow fishing Darton now makes a bow designed specifically for it. Before the shooter had to use their regular compound bow and add equipment, making allowances for the bow's design. Not so any longer. Darton has made a compound filled with features just for the bow fisherman. The draw reaches its peak weight faster, so that it can be released at any point with full results. Its design is made to be used around water with minimal impact to the bow itself. It also has specially placed holes for critical bow fishing equipment. This bow is a step forward for the dedicated bow fisherman.

There are five facts about Darton compound bows. Hopefully they were enlightening to those who are looking into new compound bow purchases, and those who are just interested in archery in general. Darton has a wide variety of compounds and archery accessories. A visit to their website will provide much information, and hours of enjoyable browsing. Good luck with your archery purchases and shooting, it is a fine sport.   

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