5 Facts About Fred Bear Compound Bows

The best 5 facts about Fred Bear compound bows are special information that will enable you to make the smartest and most favorable consumer buying decision you can make. It is also the compound bow maker that takes its name after Fred Bear, the legendary American bow manufacturer and bow hunter.

  1. Strings and Cables. The best fact about Fred Bear compound bows surrounds the amazing strings and cables that this legendary manufacturer of bows has on its products. Fred Bear strings and cables are created by using a special engineering process. As a result, Fred Bear's compound bows have strings and cables that actually speed up the quickness of arrows at launch, while also doing away with peep rotation and string stretch.
  2. Pre-Load Limbs. When you use a compound bow, you want to have one that has an ample amount of power, and Fred Bear's pre-load limbs give you all the power you need. This feature of the compound bow makes certain that your Fred Bear compound bow does not stack up when you go to draw the string back. Additionally, you receive maximum power on these pre-load limbs in part because they are also very tough.
  3. Inner-Cam System. The third-best fact about Fred Bear compound bows relates to its Inner-Cam System. This system allows users of Fred Bear compound bows freedom in that it permits users to manipulate the strike to all of its draw length positions. As a bonus, users do not need to depend on draw modules to do so. Further, if your bow length adjustments top out at one inch increments, Fred Bear's Inner-Cam System does not need a bow press.
  4. Longer Riser. If you have ever wanted a longer riser that's more forgiving on your compound bow, then Fred Bear has heard you loud and clear! Their bows usually come with a more so-called skeletal design. This so-called skeletal design results in a longer frame on the compound bow, and consequently, you get a bow that increases your shooting accuracy as well as your aim. This can be attributed to the greater balance found in a longer riser.
  5. String Suppressors. The final best fact about Fred Bear compound bows relates to the string suppressors on its models. For users of compound bows, nothing is more frustrating than string vibration, which has the effect of ruining your aim and concentration. So Fred Bear has revolutionized this issue by adding dual arc string suppressors to their bows; these ensure that the worst amount of string vibration is countered and neutralized.
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