5 Facts About Golden Eagle Compound Bow

Learn 5 facts about the Golden Eagle compound bow to make a good purchase for your archery, target shooting or hunting needs. Golden Eagle is a brand of compound bow. Compound bows have a lever system that uses pulleys and cables to operate. This is different than a simple bow, recurve bow or longbow. The compound bow uses aluminum alloy arrows or carbon arrows like the simple bow.

  1. The Golden Eagle company is out of business. The Golden Eagle company went through many changes in ownership through the years. It is now out of business completely.
  2. Replacement parts for Golden Eagle compound bows may be hard to find. Since the Golden Eagle company is out of business, finding parts for a Golden Eagle compound bow may be difficult. When trying to find a specific replacement part, you won't be able to order directly from the manufacturer, which is a major consideration when buying a used compound bow of any brand.
  3. Golden Eagle is a member of the North American Archery Group. The North American Archery Group is located in Gainesville, Florida. The group was founded in 1999, but the North American Archery Group is not currently active.
  4. Know the draw lengths of Golden Eagle compound bows. Golden Eagle compound bows have markings on the modules and cams. These markings are as follows: X*, H*, L*, NH*, S*H, S*L, (1, 2, 3, etc.) and (A, B, C, etc.). The asterisk (*) stands for a single digit number; the letter signifies the draw length.
  5. Golden Eagle compound bows are inexpensive to buy. Golden Eagle compound bows are no longer in production. Therefore, you will more than likely find a used one. It's possible that a retailer may have a new Golden Eagle bow available, but probably not. This means that to buy this type of bow, you'll get a better deal than paying full price.



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