5 Facts About Green Light Laser Prostate Surgery

If you need surgery for an enlarged prostate, you may be interested in learning 5 facts about GreenLight laser prostate surgery. This surgery is used to treat benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate. Here are some important facts about GreenLight laser prostate surgery:

  1. GreenLight laser therapy prostate surgery is performed with a small fiber inserted into the urethra. This fiber delivers high-powered laser energy that destroys excess prostate tissue. The surgery restores the prostate to its normal size, relieving BPH symptoms such as hampered urine flow.
  2. GreenLight is as effective as the traditional surgery used to treat BPH, but with fewer complications. These side effects can include excessive bleeding and erectile dysfunction. The risk of these is much lower with GreenLight.
  3. GreenLight laser therapy can usually be performed without an overnight stay. These procedures are typically done in an outpatient surgery center or even in your physician's office. This allows you to recover comfortably at home. And in most cases, you can return to normal activity within a few days.
  4. Over 375,000 GreenLight procedures have successfully been performed worldwide. This technology allows for safe, effective relief of your BPH symptoms. However, you can avoid the complications usually associated with prostate surgery.
  5. With Green Light Laser Therapy Prostate Surgery, you will often see urine flow improvement immediately after recovery. Other advantages include a bloodless, painless procedure, with a very small chance of side effects such as  erectile dysfunction. And you can be sure that the Green Light procedure will provide long-lasting treatment.
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