5 Facts About Herpes And Oral Sex

These f5 facts about herpes and oral sex may help you to make better and more informed decisions, when it comes to sex. Having unprotected sex is not worth the risk of putting your health in jeopardy of contracting Herpes. These facts about Herpes will let you know how serious this disease really is.

  1. First of all herpes is a sexually transmitted disease.  It is transmitted through an unprotected sexual encounter with someone infected by the herpes virus. Genital penetration is putting you at serious risk of catching herpes.  Even if there is no penetration, but just exposed genitals rubbing against each other, that can still cause herpes to appear.
  2. There is no cure for herpes. Once you have contracted the disease there is no miracle pill to take to get rid of herpes, you have it for life; until a cure is found. There is antiviral medication that can be taken to shorten the cycle between outbreaks, when a person is most contagious.
  3. A person can transmit herpes through oral sex. If someone infected with herpes performs unprotected oral sex on a non-infected person the risk is great for them pass the disease on to them and vice versa if a non-infected person performs unprotected oral sex on a person with herpes they also can catch it that way.
  4. Symptoms of herpes are not always visible and some people may not know they have it. The potential of catching herpes is greatest doing an outbreak, but there is a risk of catching the virus even when it’s dormant. It is best to avoid sexual contact with someone if they are experiencing herpes symptoms. Such as blisters or oozing sores on are round the mouth, flu-like symptoms accompanied with fever and definitely abstain from kissing someone with visible sores around the lips, you can be infected.
  5. These are the most important ways to protect yourself from contacting or even spreading Herpes. Use protection whenever you have a sexual encounter. Whether it’s genital penetration or oral sex a condom is needed. If a person is experiencing an outbreak they should completely avoid any type of sexual contact, including kissing. Continue to take medication and abstain until the outbreak has totally passed.

Never put your health at risk of contracting herpes or any other type of sexual transmitted disease. If you know you have already been infected with the disease, don’t put your partner or anyone else at risk of being infected.

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