5 Facts About High Country Compound Bows

What are five facts about High Country compound bows? High Country has been making compound bows since 1983. Right out of the gate they were known for quality bows using high tech quality components. They quickly gained favor with compound bow hunters and target shooters alike. They had many firsts in archery including the first 65 percent letoff, the first extruded aluminum riser using 7075-T6 aluminum, the first carbon riser,  the first cam to have draw length adjustment without modules, and the first cam to have Draw Weight, Let-off and Draw Length adjustment on the Cam. The new owners of High Country have worked hard to keep this tradition alive.  

Five facts about High Country compound bows are:

  1. Medium Brace Height – High Country compounds have a brace height between 7.0 and 7.25 inches. This puts their brace height right between the short (6.5-inches and less) and long (7.5 and up) brace heights. A short brace height gives more speed but a less forgiving shot and a long brace height gives a slower yet more forgiving shot. High Country balances theirs for the optimum balance between speed and forgiveness.
  2. 80 percent letoff – High Country compound bows come with an 80 percent letoff. Meaning that when you draw the bow you are holding back only twenty percent of the draw weight of the bow. On a 100 pound draw weight bow you would only be holding twenty pounds. This means longer shooting sessions with less stress.
  3. Trinary Cam System – The Trinary Cam system is a two cam system which is specifically designed to be tied together so they never go out of time. This means smoother more consistent shooting and reliability.
  4. Mid-Axle length – With an axle to axle length of around 33-inches all High Country compound bows are what are termed Mid-Axle compound bows. Short axle compound bows (less than 32-inches) are good for tree stand shooters with an overall short length but can be harder to shoot, especially with fingers. Long axle (over 38-inches) compound bows have an overall longer length and are used when the shooter wants to shoot with fingers and hunts on the ground. The mid-axle design is a compromise between shootablity and short length which can be used on the ground or tree stand.
  5.  Forged aluminum risers – High Country compound bows use forged aluminum risers. The riser is the handle area of the bow and where all the stresses come together. Their forged aluminum risers give their compound bows the best strength, yet allow for an overall light weight for carry. You will appreciate both characteristics after a long shooting session or carrying the bow all day.

There are five facts about High Country bows. There is a reason that High Country compound bows have a loyal following of shooters, they make good compound bows. They use cutting edge technology and materials and blend it with great designs to make good bows. You will not be disappointed by a High Country compound bow.

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