5 Facts About HPV And Oral Sex

Are you researching for 5 facts about HPV and oral sex? HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) a sexually transmitted diseases that is contracted through sexual contact, such as skin to skin contact. HPV can be transmitted through oral sex, due to this is wise to know what you’re looking for.

  1. Transmitting HPV through oral sex. The HPV virus can be transmitted through touch, this means by performing oral sex on someone who has HPV you are putting yourself as risk for contracting HPV. While the risk is lower through oral sex verses anal or vaginal sex the risk is still there. 
  2. Men can spread and get HPV just like women. Usually there are no symptoms with HPV. Unless the HPV infection starts to change the skin cells. HPV has been linked to penis and anus cancer along with cervical cancer in women.
  3. There is no cure for HPV. While it can be managed it cannot be cured. While the symptoms and the genital warts themselves can be treated there is no cure to date.
  4. HPV can cause cancer of the mouth. According to the Journal of clinical Oncology there is a rising of cases related to HPV oropharyngeal cancer. This type of cancer is deadly and found mostly at the back of the tongue and the tonsils.
  5. HPV being spread through oral sex. Due to the spread of HPV through oral sex its best for your partner to use dental dams or other forms of oral sex barriers. These devices greatly reduce the risk of contacting or spreading HPV.
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