5 Facts About Impotence Prosthetics

If you are considering an impotence prosthetic, here are 5 facts about impotence prosthetics that you should consider before making a decision. A penile prosthetic is commonly used for patients who suffer from impotence, and there is no likelihood the problem will resolve even after medical treatments. Penile implantation involves having a prosthesis placed in the penis, which allows the patient to have an erection that will help the male to have sexual intercourse. 

  1. There are two types of impotence prosthesis including a three piece and a two-piece. The two options use two cylinders pump, tubing as well as reservoir. The three-piece option cylinders placed into the penis with a pump in the scrotum and a reservoir implanted into the abdomen to accommodate the fluids that are used for inflation purposes. While the two piece option have the cylinder place in the penis its pump reservoir inserted into your scrotum.

  2. The reservoir and cylinders generally implanted by a licensed urologist. Prior to implantation, your urologist will perform a physical and obtain information regarding your sexual experience. He might also find it necessary to obtain blood testing, urine test as well as do a psychological work up. After your urologist has completed all the necessary testing, he is ready to perform the implantation of your penile prosthesis.

  3. Men who have an impotence prosthetic implanted may notice a tiny surgical scar close to the scrotal sac. However, most people would not be able to tell the man is using an impotence prosthetic unless he tells them. Thus, you can change in the locker room after a basketball game without any embarrassment.

  4. Implant reservoir works when it presses on the pump that is in the scrotum. This movement causes fluids to transfer from the reservoir to the cylinders that placed in the penis and this fluid provides an erection. To stop the erection, a valve at the base of the pump requires pressing.

  5. Men who use an impotence prosthetic do not have reduced sexual pleasure. It also does not restrict their ability to achieve an orgasm. Your ejaculation remains the same as well. However, adding this type of equipment means you are unable to obtain an erection if you do not inflate the implant. Thus, you cannot remove the implant later and hope to have a natural erection.

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