5 Facts About Larger Penises

To the well endowed men out there, here are five facts about larger penises that you will want to hear.  Have you ever heard the saying "It is not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean?"  Well, men with larger penises may disagree with this circulated myth. Having a larger penis can be a double-edged sword (pun intended); read on for the pros and cons of being well-endowed.

  1. High Quality of Life.  Men with larger penises display high sexual self-confidence, increased stamina, results in satisfying partners, and the ability to create more intense and pleasurable orgasms.  What more could you ask for?
  2. Better Semen Displacement.  When engaged in intercourse with a woman who wants to get pregnant, a longer and larger penis increases the chances of flushing sperm into the uterus with the result of a pregnancy.
  3. Girth of the Penis.  Most women prefer that the girth of the penis is larger than the actual length. These women want a penis that will fill out or adapt to their vaginal walls versus a deeply penetrating penis. So, if you have a wide member that isn't very long, don't worry—you still fit into the large penis category, without the disadvantages.
  4. Disadvantages during Intercourse.  When it comes down to engaging in the act of sex, larger penises tend to cause their partners pain and discomfort, usually resulting in limited sexual pleasure for both parties.  There is nothing like the anticipation of a wild fantasy night only to be let down from incompatibility issues.
  5. Smoking and Frequent Masturbation.  Unfortunately, some studies reflect that men with larger penises who are smokers and/or frequent masturbators will experience shrinkage in the penis size. So guys you may want to lay off the cigarettes and the Vaseline! 



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