5 Facts About Matthews Compound Bows

Here are 5 facts about Mathews compound bows to help you learn more about this industry leading manufacturer of compound bows. There are many compound bow manufacturers, but Mathews is one of the top names in the industry. Mathews consistently releases top quality bows and add new technology to their line-up every year.

  1. User Friendly – Matthews Bows are designed to be simple to use. Their single cam technology combined with the design of their bows proves that simpler bows can still function as well as or better than more complex designed bows. The learning curve with a Matthews compound bow is a lot easier to master, even for beginner shooters.
  2. National Archery in Schools– Matthews is the founding sponsor of the National Archery in Schools Program. This program is designed to introduce kids to the sport of archery target shooting. The cost of the equipment for the schools is greatly subsidized by many sponsors, including Matthews Bows.
  3. Single Cam Technology – Matthews builds compound bows that use both single dam and dual cam technology, but their single cam design is tops in the industry. A Matthews single cam bow functions as well as or better than many competing bows that use dual cams.
  4. 2010 Men's Open Pro Champions – All of the men's events at the 2010 Men's Open Pro Championships were won with Matthews Bows. Matthews compound bows once again proved why they are among the best in the industry when it comes to leading edge compound bow designs.
  5. Lost Camo– Lost Camo was designed by the founder of Mathews bows. The Lost Camo design is as unique as the compund bows that Mathews makes. Lost Camo is a camo pattern that is designed for bowhunters and can be used anytime of the year in any environment.
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