5 Facts About Parker Compound Bows

These 5 facts about Parker Compound Bows will give you an idea about where the company came from and how they do business. Bob Erret started the business because he knew he could solve some of the problems he consistently ran into when he dealt with compound bow companies. Erret started out as an inside sales man for Bear Archery.

  1. Parker Compound Bows was started in 1996. Bob Erret, the owner of Nationwide Archery wanted a separate company to distribute compound bows through. He knew the difficulties that many distributors had with compound bows and wanted to make things work differently.
  2. Parker Compound Bows was one of the fastest growing businesses in Virginia. This honor was given to the company by Virginia Business Magazine. The magazine also named Parker Compound Bows as one of the 300 fastest growing companies in the United States two separate times.
  3. Parker Compound Bows are quiet. This can make a huge difference for hunters. There are some bows that make a loud pop when they are shot, but this is not the case with Parker Compound Bows. These bows barely make any sound at all when you shoot them.
  4. Parker Compound Bows are in 1,200 archery and sporting good stores around the country. Over the past ten years the company has grown significantly. This is mostly because of his dedication to customer service and drive to make his customers happy.
  5. Parker Compound Bows come with the sights pre-set. This can help the user save time. The pre-set sight is set well and will not go anywhere. Many users have bumped and dropped the bows without having any problems with the pre-set sights at all.
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