5 Facts About Pearson Compound Bows

What are 5 facts about Pearson compound bows? Pearson Archery reinvented itself in 2009-2010 to Ben Pearson Archery. With this change they introduced a whole new lineup of compound bows designed and made with the quality and innovation that has always been a hallmark of the Pearson archery lineup.

Here are five facts about Pearson compounds:

  1. Pearson listens to their customer. Pearson went specifically to archers and found out what was important to them in a bow. They listened to 3D shooters, target shooters, and hunters alike and designed a series of compound bows made with features made specifically for each discipline.
  2. Pearson provides custom quality strings as standard equipment.  Once again listening to their customers who dislike having to replace poor quality strings Pearson has solved this issue. They provide as standard equipment custom made quality strings and cables from Stage One Strings. This gives the shooter a quality product and prevents the expense and trouble of having to replace strings and cables a short time after the purchase.
  3. Pearson's revolutionary ETI technology helps prevent limb failure. The leading cause of limb failure in compound bows are fractures at the axle hole. Pearson's new Energy Transfer Insert eliminates this problem. The aluminum insert actually doubles the strength of this junction by letting the force be distributed over the entire limb, making for a safer stronger bow.
  4. Pearson bows give less felt shot vibration.  Some Pearson compound bows are equipped with Pearson's unique string stop system. This system captures the string upon release allowing less felt vibration, string slap, and string noise. This unique system is a must for the serious hunter.
  5. Pearson compounds have a very strong limb lock system.  Pearson compounds use their revolutionary SteeLock limb attachment/lock system. This system uses a strong aluminum limb bolt threading down into a steel bolt receiver. This provides a rock solid limb lockup for years of trouble free shooting and bow draw weight adjustment.

There are five facts about the new Ben Pearson Archery Company compound bows. They have created a new line of bows designed with user input and unique innovations which will help keep them on top of the archery world. Pearson has always had a strong and loyal shooter base, these new bows with their unique technology should help keep that a sixth fact about Pearson compound bows.

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