5 Facts About A Penile Implant

If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction, there are 5 facts about a penile implant that you should know about. A penile implant is a device placed inside the penis to correct erection problems. It’s used for men who are experiencing Peyronie's disease, a painful bending of an erect penis. It’s also used for men who cannot perform sexually due to soft erections. Although a penile implant is an option for you, it’s important to know how it affects your health. Understand the facts before you make the decision.

  1. Surgery. You must undergo surgery to have a penile implant placed in your penis. There are certain risks that you can experience during or after surgery. These risks include infection in the surgical site, pain, swelling and implant malfunction.
  2. Failed implant. Implants can fail or not work at anytime. In this case, it must be removed for your safety. Failed implants should be replaced, adjusted or fixed through a secondary surgery. This second surgery may lead to infection from the re-opening of the surgical site.
  3. Infections that Occur Years Later. An infection from a penile implant doesn’t necessarily have to occur immediately. Infection can set in years later. Infection occurs if the implant breaks through to the outside of the penis, begins to fail or sticks to the inside of the penis.
  4. Malfunction. Although they are designed to last for life of the person wearing the implant, a penile implant can malfunction. There’s a difference between a failed implant and malfunctioning implant.  Failed implants cause infections and are useless to you. A malfunctioning implant won’t hold an erection for very long or work properly. Surgery is the only option for repairing or replacing the device.
  5. Healing Time. It may take up to 6 weeks before you can try out the device. The surgical site needs time to heal properly before attempting any type of sexual activity. At this time, you will know if the implant is going to help solve your erection problems or not.

Dealing with your erectile dysfunction isn’t something you should go through alone. Talk with your significant other or physician about your options, feelings and concerns. A penile implant may be right for you.

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