5 Facts About Penis Enlargement Surgery

Are you looking for 5 facts about penis enlargement surgery? Penis enlargement surgery carries a very high price tag that most certainly will not be covered by your insurance policy. The first fact about penis enlargement surgery is that penis enlargement surgery can cost anywhere from $3,500 to $6,000. That is a lot of money for a procedure that may or may not even work.

The second fact about penis enlargement surgery is widely unknown to most people. Did you know that during penis enlargement surgery, the ligament that secures your penis to your body is cut? That means that when you do get an erection, it is possible that your penis will be pointing towards the ground, which defeats the purpose of penis enlargement surgery because you can forget about having sex.

One aspect of penis enlargement surgery involves increasing the girth of your penis. The third fact about penis enlargement surgery is that you may end up with a reduced penis girth thanks to the surgery. Most doctors will take skin from other parts of your body, such as your buttocks or thigh, and graft the skin onto your penis. It is completely possible that the grafts will be reabsorbed by your body, thus reducing the penis girth that you paid so much money to obtain.

The fourth fact about penis enlargement surgery is the fact that you will have to stretch your penis for at least eight hours a day following the surgery. Stretching your penis involves wearing a traction device for at least eight hours a day. If you do not wear the traction device, the gains that you may have received from the penis enlargement surgery will be completely lost during the healing process due to tissue shrinkage.

The fifth and final fact about penis enlargement surgery involves the fact that you may not be happy with the surgery at all. The European Urology study involved 42 men who had undergone penis enlargement surgery. Approximately fifteen out of the 42 men were happy with the surgery and 50% of the 42 men sought further surgery.

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