5 Facts About Penis Enlargement

Here are 5 facts about penis enlargement. At some point in every man’s life, the thought of having a larger penis—either in length, width or both is likely to occur. With all the ads in magazines and the Internet for penis enlargement products, methods and surgeries, the urge to try at least one option may be overwhelming. Before you slap your money down on a penis enlargement method, product or surgery, get all the facts.

There are many different penis enlargement products available. Vacuum pumps, creams, supplements, exercises, weights and surgery are some of the most common. With the exception of surgery for documented medical conditions, such as urological disorders or micropenis, none of these methods are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Safety is a concern with any penis enlargement option. With the exception of supplements, every penis enlargement option poses serious health risks. Severe scarring that can impair your ability to use your penis for intercourse and/or urination is possible. This scarring may cause disfiguration of the penis. Supplements also have risks including allergic reaction and interactions with other medications.

You are likely a normal size and don’t need these products. The average penis is five to seven inches when it is erect. When it is soft, average is three to four inches. This size corresponds to the average length of a woman’s vagina. From the vaginal opening to the cervix is approximately four inches long. So, a man with a large penis may not be able to insert it fully into the woman because if he does, it is likely to hurt her. Many advertisements for penis enlargement show men who are either well over the average size or they showcase photos that have been touched up to make the penis look longer.

Penis enlargement doesn’t add much size, if any. Penis enlargement surgery may add a ½ inch of length to the soft penis, but because of scar tissue from the surgery, it is unlikely to add any length to the erect penis. In fact, the erect penis may actually be shorter after the surgery because the skin and other tissues can’t stretch to allow the penis to extend fully. Other forms of penis enlargement aren’t likely to add any size to the penis.

There are alternatives to penis enlargement products, methods and surgery. Instead of wasting time and money on penis enlargement, there are a few tricks you can try. If you lose weight, your penis will appear longer because the abdomen and mons pubis (the pad of fat under the pubic hair) won’t be as pronounced and that makes the penis look longer. Trim your pubic hair to give the illusion of  a longer shaft.

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