5 Facts About Rectal Herpes

Learning 5 facts about rectal herpes can help you become more educated on the condition and seek treatment sooner. Individuals who become educated on the disease can take precautions to reduce their chances in acquiring the infection. Herpes is one of the most dreaded STD’s. Individuals diagnosed with rectal herpes find themselves in a very uncomfortable situation. Those with the condition should tell their partners about their condition before engaging in sexual activities.

  1. Herpes is not a curable disease. Once an individual is diagnosed with having the virus they will have it for life. The infected person may or may not experience outbreaks on a constant basis. The outbreaks may be come periodically.
  2. Rectal herpes can be external or internal. Herpes can appear around the rectal area as well us in the anal canal. Outbreaks can be mild to severe. Infected individuals should know that herpes is spread from direct skin to skin contact.
  3. Rectal herpes can infect both partners. All sexually active individuals who engage in sexual activity have a chance of being infected with herpes. Anal herpes is not a female or male disease.
  4. A condom does not protect individuals from contracting herpes. Individuals should know that condoms do not protect them from being exposed to the disease. Individuals can acquire herpes just by having skin to skin contact with another infected person. The virus can be passed on to others even when there is no outbreak present. But herpes is most contagious when there is an outbreak. The disease still lies dormant in the body.
  5. Rectal Herpes is treatable. There are medications to help treat rectal herpes. Most individuals who are infected with the disease take a prescription medication to help reduce outbreaks.
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