5 Facts About Rectal Incontinence

Here are 5 facts about rectal incontinence. Rectal incontinence can be embarrassing. Don’t hide it from your doctor; instead, seek treatment right away.  This condition can be treated through a variety of techniques, including medications, lifestyle changes and surgery.. Correct it before it becomes a detriment to your daily life. Prevent or treat the condition by learning five facts about rectal incontinence, also known as fecal incontinence.

Described as the inability to control bowel movements, rectal incontinence causes stool to leak from your rectum.

Rectal incontinence may be caused by constipation, which leads to impacted stool. Chronic constipation eventually weakens the rectal muscles, allowing watery stool to leak. On the other hand, diarrhea, which is loose stool, may also leak from the rectum.

Rectal incontinence is more common in women. It can occur as a side effect of giving birth.

Medications including Imodium or laxatives can treat rectal incontinence depending upon the cause of your condition. Changes in diet, such as eating fiber-rich foods that help lead to more solid stool consistency, may also help rectal incontinence.

Alternative treatments may help. Try doing kegel exercises, which involve contracting the muscles you use to stop urinating. If other treatments fail, surgery may help treat rectal incontinence.

If you suffer from rectal incontinence, take appropriate measures to cope with the condition. Be sure to use the bathroom before you leave the house. Purchase disposable undergarments to avoid damaging your clothing. When you reach a new destination, locate the restrooms immediately. Learning these five facts about rectal incontinence will help you cope with and treat the condition.



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