5 Facts About Regid Erect Penises

Here are 5 facts about rigid erect penises. For safety reasons, it is not recommended that any of these situations be replicated outside of a medical facility, or without medical personnel present. There does come a point in everyone’s life when you should just believe what you are told … this is it.

It is possible to break your penis. It is medically termed a fracture, and it occurs when a rigid erect penis encounters a solid object and the force of the thrust causes the membrane of the corpora cavernose (one of two chambers that run the length of the penis) to tear. The injury can cause an audible snap.

It is possible to have a rigid erect penis that does not go away after orgasm. This is called a priapism erection. It is very painful and can last for days. It can be treated with medication, surgery, or draining some of the blood from the rigid erect penis by a syringe.

An amputated penis can be reattached (and be useable), provided that the severed member is kept cold and dry. It can remain viable for up to sixteen hours. To keep the penis cold and dry, place penis in a bag with air which is then placed in another bag submerged in a cooler or ice water.

Penis rings can cause severe injury even if used according to the manufacturer instructions. Commonly purchased to maintain a rigid erect penis, these devices frequently do not have a way of being removed without bolt cutters. A better solution would be to tie a tourniquet on the penis once it is rigid so that you can undo it when you are done.

Circumcisions do have medical benefits. First and foremost ,it can reduce your risk of penile cancer. It can also prevent other disorders and conditions such as having the foreskin getting stuck over the head of the penis or behind the head of the penis. Both of these conditions require surgery to repair.

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