5 Facts About Sex After Circumcision

There are at least five facts about sex after circumcision that you need to know about. About 77% of men in the United States are circumcised as babies or children, but there is a percentage that decide to undergo circumcision as an adult. If you are one of them, then you need to know the facts about sex that involve circumcision.

You can’t have sex for six weeks after circumcision. Because a circumcision involves having skin removed, you will need to give your penis time to heal. This means that for about six weeks after the circumcision, it’s just a fact that you can’t have sex. If infection or other complications arise, you may need to wait even longer.

Sex after circumcision will feel different. Once you can have sex again, the fact remains that sex will feel quite different than it did before. This is because part of the sensitive area of your penis has been removed. How different your penis feels and how circumcision affects sexual pleasure varies from man to man.

Your penis may be less sensitive. Circumcision can leave your penis feeling less sensitive than before during sexual activity. To counteract this fact, you might consider switching up your sexual routine to make up for the lack of feeling. For example, you and your partner can engage in more oral sex, or you can try out some warming sensation personal lubricants when having sex after circumcision.

You will likely take longer to ejaculate. This is partly because the feeling is different when having sex and partly because after circumcision, your penis will be less sensitive. Although your penis is less sensitive, orgasm is unlikely to be affected and you can have sex for longer before ejaculating, a fact your partner may enjoy.

You need to use a condom for about two to three months. After the circumcision, the scar line will take this long to heal. To reduce the chances of infection and pain from excessive friction, you should use a condom when having any type of sex, including oral sex. In fact, you might even find it more comfortable to masturbate while wearing a condom for a period of time after the circumcision.

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