5 Facts About UTI Infections In Men

Learn 5 facts about UTI infections in men with this helpful guide to men’s health. UTI stands for urinary tract infection. A urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria traveling into your urethra. Unprotected sex with someone who has UTI and illness can attribute to getting UTI. Men with weakened immune systems or diabetes are more susceptible than those without health problems. Women are also more likely to get a urinary tract infection than men. Knowing the facts can help keep you healthy and UTI free.

  1. Fact #1: An UTI that spreads to your kidneys is more serious than an infection regulated to your bladder. When you first notice signs of an infection, seek medical help. The faster you treat a urinary tract infection, the faster it will leave. Your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic. An antibiotic kills the organisms or bacteria that caused the infection. However, be aware that prolonged use of antibiotics may compromise your immune system. If you suffer with numerous infections, speak with your physician. You may have an underlying illness that is causing your infections.
  2. Fact #2: Untreated urinary tract infections in men can lead to permanent kidney damage. The infections may occur on a regular basis. This is called a chronic illness. Chronic infections require prolonged use of medications to keep them under control. Your kidneys regulate and remove impurities from your body. This important function cannot be compromised or other health problems may occur. This includes the formation of kidney stones and abscesses.
  3. Fact #3:  UTI infections in men are harder to treat than those in women. Your urethra lies deep inside your penis. You also have prostrate tissue that surrounds your urethra. You require more in-depth treatment than your spouse. If you have an UTI, you will need to take antibiotics for a longer period of time as well. The bacteria that caused the infection can hide in your prostrate. Do not take your significant other’s medications. They cannot cure your infection.
  4. Fact #4: If you keep your body hydrated by drinking eight glasses of water each day, you lower your chances of getting an UTI. Cranberry juice also helps prevent urinary infections. It creates a harsh and acidic environment that makes it difficult for bacteria to grow.
  5. Fact #5: Urinating immediately after sexual intercourse helps flush out any bacteria in your urethra. Infections of this type begin in the urethra and then spread into the bladder. It's best to use a condom to prevent this problem. Also, do not hold your urine for longer periods of time. This creates the perfect environment for bacterial growth and infection. You also create a secondary problem. You weaken your bladder and urinary tract system.
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