5 Facts Men Should Know About Their Penis

The 5 facts men should know about their penis span all genres, race and ethnicity. The male apparatus is multi-purpose. Understanding different aspects of the genitalia assists men in knowing their bodies and being aware when things are not medically right.

  1. Erection does not always equal growth. One of the facts men should know about their penis is there are actually two types of the male penal erection. The most common type of erection includes the penis growing in length and girth as it hardens with the flow of blood. Some men only see growth in width, others only see growth in girth.  The second type of erection does not cause this growth. The penis remains the same size and simply stiffens as the blood engorges the vessels. All of these erections is healthy and normal.
  2. Circumcision. The facts men should know about their penis would not be complete without the circumcision discussion. Studies show that uncircumcised men are more likely to develop urinary tract infections. This is believed to be caused by bacterial collection under the loose skin. However, with proper cleaning, these infections can be avoided. Studies have suggested that circumcision lowers the rate for penal cancer.  For the man who wishes he had been left intact at birth, there are medical procedures to assist in replacing the removed foreskin.
  3. It can break. Many men have laughed about "breaking' their penis whenever they strike the area in some manner. One of the facts that men should know about their penis is that they actually can break the unit. While rare, this typically happens in younger men who's erection is exceptionally stiff. During rough or hard sex, the penis can be "broke" or fractured in these conditions.
  4. It does not have a mind of its own. While it may seem that it does, one of the facts that men should know about their penis is that it is controllable. Whenever a man feels an erection coming on, a quick shift in thinking can prevent the penis from becoming erect. Thinking of grandma or a food a man hates will eliminate the swelling.
  5. The orgasm. The final fact that men should know about their penis is that it's typically capable of providing only six seconds of orgasm at one time. Regardless of how insensitive the unit is or how long you can last during sex, the standard orgasm is the same.
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