5 Faith No More Songs To Make Love To

If you’re looking for 5 Faith No More songs to make love to, you’re going to find a varied mix of genre bending tunes. The band was always brilliant during their short prime, and some of their songs are incredibly sensual, but they were never predictable. The Faith No More songs on this list are eclectic, interesting, and the make great background music for knocking boots.

  1. “Underwater Love” is a perfect lovemaking song. Everything from the lyrics to the music are sensual and pleasing. It might be especially interesting if the couple really wanted to engage in some actual underwater love, perhaps in a bathtub. 
  2. If you and your lady are the nostalgic types, you might want to “get busy” while listening to the song “Epic”. Like many Faith No More songs, this tune is fast paced, with a mix of rap and metal. The most striking thing about the song is that it was a huge hit, so if you’re the right age,  listening to it will bring back memories from your younger days, and that can be pretty exciting in a sexual sense.
  3. With a name like “Zombie Eaters”, you may be surprised that this song works as background music for lovemaking, but, like many other Faith No More songs, the tone of this one changes constantly, and large portions of it are slow and intimate. It also has a pervasive feeling of darkness, which can make for very intense love making sessions.
  4. “The Morning After” has a slow funky groove, mixed with aggressive guitars and “in your face” bass playing. It would be a perfect fit as the soundtrack for a roll in the hay, and beyond that, it’s easily one of the best Faith No More songs for any occasion.
  5. If you are the type that likes to make love with very aggressive music in the background, you should probably try “Malpractice”. This is one of the heaviest Faith No More songs ever, and it’s the kind of song that could lead to some fairly intense sex. 
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