5 Famous Athletes In Argentina

While these 5 famous athletes in Argentina make up a short list, the country of Argentina has produced numerous world-renowned sports stars throughout its history of national and international play. While the national sport of soccer remains at the top of Argentina's list, other sports, like tennis and basketball, have risen in popularity because of superstars that have become national icons. These are but a few of Argentina's most famous athletes:

  1. Diego Maradona. Currently the manager of Argentina's national team, the former world champion soccer (football) star is notorious for his past drug use (and ensuing suspensions), an eccentric personality with outspoken political views and most importantly for his outstanding international playing career. With Pelé, Maradona shares the FIFA Player of the Century award for the twentieth century's greatest football player.
  2. Gabriela Sabatini. The "Princess of the Pampas" is a former Argentinian tennis star with a career record of 252 and 96. Sabatini won the US Open title in 1990 and was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1996 after a stellar career.
  3. Guillermo Vilas. This Argentinian tennis superstar won four Grand Slam titles in the 1970s, including back to back Wimbledon victories in 1975 and 1976. His success on the court led to a rise in the popularity of tennis throughout Latin America. His influence was so great that current Argentinian players Guillermo Cañas and Guillermo Coria were named after the former champion.
  4. Manu Ginobili. In the NBA, the San Antonio Spurs All-Star shooting guard is known for his relentless scoring ability and clutch performances in helping his team to multiple NBA titles. Around the world, the Argentinian athlete is known as one of only two players (along with Bill Bradley) to have won an NBA championship, a Euroleague title and an Olympic gold medal.
  5. Fernando Cavenaghi. The soccer star is a striker for French first division club Bordeaux while also a member of the Argentinian national team. Nicknamed "Torito," or small bull, Cavenaghi is a relentless scorer, and his talent makes him a top athlete in Argentina.
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