5 Famous Athletes With Diabetes

There are many famous athletes who have diabetes (a chronic medical condition that causes high levels of sugar in the blood), including these 5 famous athletes with diabetes:

  1. Gary Hall: Gary Hall, an Olympic gold medalist for swimming, was diagnosed with diabetes in 1999. His doctor informed him that he would have to give up his swimming career, but Hall didn't allow his condition interfere with his passion. He won the National Championships five months after his diagnosis.
  2. Shannon Standridge: Shannon Standridge, a triathlete, was diagnosed with diabetes when she was in 7th grade. She says that the intense training required for events, like Ironman, helps her diabetes because she requires less insulin due to all the exercise.
  3. Jackie Robinson: Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play Major League Baseball, was diagnosed with diabetes shortly before his retirement from baseball in 1956. Due to complications with his diabetes, and also heart disease, Robinson became almost-blind during his middle ages.
  4. Joe Gibbs: Joe Gibbs, former football coach for the Washington Redskins and Hall-of-Famer, was diagnosed with diabetes. During a health awareness initiative, Gibbs recommended that others with diabetes know and understand their health risks and what having diabetes means for them.
  5. James "Buster" Douglas: James "Buster" Douglas is the heavy weight boxer who defeated Heavy Weight Champion, Mike Tyson in 1990. After his retirement, Douglas gained a lot of weight, causing him to develop diabetes. Douglas experienced a death scare in 1994, after slipping into a diabetic coma for three days. As a result, he lost the excess weight and began boxing again. In 2009, Douglas published the book, "Buster’s Backyard Bar-B-Q: Knockout Diabetes Diet."


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