5 Famous Baseball Players From The 1930’s

You've heard about Babe Ruth, but who where the  5 Famous Baseball Players from the 1930's?  If you are a major league baseball fan or just a fan of baseball period, you may have some favorites from yesteryear.  We’ve put together five of the most famous baseball players from the 1930’s.

  1. George Herman Ruth, Jr. Better known as “Babe” Ruth began with the Red Sox and later traded to the Yankees. There was said to be a curse against the Sox that he stated. Whether true or not, the Sox went 86 years before they won a World Series again. Babe was also called the ‘Sultan of Swat’ and the Bambino. He hit 714 home runs in 22 seasons. Although he was a great baseball player before the 30’s, he hit home run number 714 in 1935. A week later he retired from baseball. 
  2. Lou Gehrig of the New York Yankees, he was the first to appear on a Wheaties box cereal in 1934. He won the Triple Crown batting title in 1934. He had 23 grand slams in his career.
  3. Joe DiMaggio, also known as “Joltin’ Joe” led the New York Yankees to the World Series title in four consecutive years, from 1936 to 1939.
  4. Mel Ott of the New York Giants was a 511 home run hitter during his career and from 1932 to 1936; he was the National League home run leader.
  5. Jimmie Fox of the Philadelphia Athletics took the Triple Crown of the American League with 48 homers, 163 RBI and a .356 batting average in 1933.


Baseball Stars of the 1930s

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