5 Famous Businessmen Of Monaco

Who are five famous businessmen of Monaco and why do they matter? It sounds like a place James Bond would spend a lot of time in, seducing women and killing bad guys. Well, first off, Monaco is a European playground for rich foreigners. As of 2010, 84% of the population of Monaco are well-to-do foreigners. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world. Only the Vatican is smaller. So, why would so many rich folks want to set foot on this particular place? Two words. Tax haven. Yes sir, Monaco doesn't burden people with taxation. It's no wonder many famous businessmen emerge from Monaco. You're free to make as much money as possible with little or no government taxation. But, who are the five most famous businessmen of Monaco?

  1. Michel Bouquier. Monaco's biggest source of revenue is generated from tourism. Anything dealing with tourism goes through this businessman of Monaco. Since October 22, 2002, Bouquier has served as the President of the Monaco Government Tourist and Convention Authority in Monaco. He's charged with coming up with innovative ways to keep the business of tourism top notch in Monaco. With more than 20 years experience handling this type of thing for other places in Western Europe, Monaco should be a cake walk. He is currently developing a multi faceted marketing strategy to spread tourism out year round. In layman's terms, he's going to make sure everybody everywhere knows about what Monaco has to offer through a number of different mediums. With the beautiful scenery, females and landscape, Monaco sort of sells itself.
  2. Bernard Lambert. This businessman of Monaco is the CEO of the Monte Carlo S.B.M. He is considered to be one of the most important people in the "international luxury business world." This guy made some major moves updating and purchasing a handful of hotels in Monaco. He's also been marketing like a madman and beefing up client relations in order to bring in the younger rich folks. So, if she hasn't been there yet, you can bet Paris Hilton will show up eventually. "That's hawt." Lambert is also doing his part to increase all international clientele as well as the preservation and spread of the Monaco culture in general.
  3. Jean-Francois Gourdon. Not only does this guy have a player's name, this businessman of Monaco also has some serious credentials. He has degrees in Press Law and management with over 20 years experience in the media. Why is he so influential? Come on man, it's the power of the written word. He's become the guy to know when it comes to French travel. In 2008, he became the Communication and Press Director of the Monaco Government and Tourist Authority. So, any press releases pertaining to tourism in Monaco has to get this dude's stamp of approval.
  4. Xavier Rugeroni. This businessman of Monaco has been the Regional Vice President and General Manager of the Fairmont Monte Carlo since 2007. He has control over a region of tourism and hospitality stretching all the way to Kenya. Seeing as how tourism makes up a great deal of the revenue made by Monaco, Rugeroni has a pretty prestigious position.
  5. Prince Albert II. His importance goes without saying. This guy is the head of state of the country that allures big business and rich foreigners to Monaco's shores. He also does a lot of worldwide philanthropic work. Through the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, he helps to support the development of renewable energies, world wide fresh water distribution and the maintenance and upkeep of world wide biodiversity. Oh, and of course the guy is loaded. 
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