5 Famous Canadian Basketball Players

These are 5 famous Canadian basketball players. Canada has a reputation for growing some of the finest hockey players to ever grace the ice, but how do they do in other sports? In basketball Canada's not too bad either. Canada may not produce many mega stars, but they have produced plenty of solid basketball players. The players may go unnoticed, but they may be the difference in a winning season or a losing season.

  1. Steve Nash The first Canadian basketball player on this list is a former MVP. Spending most of his career playing for the Phoenix Suns, Nash may be one of the most underappreciated athletes of his era. He just goes about his business and lays down the law while other less worthy players get the national media attention he deserves.
  2. Samuel Dalembert Although some may argue that Dalembert is severely overpaid, the stats prove otherwise. A consistent rebounder, Dalembert leads a team of awful misfits called the 76ers. Dalembert is so good, he even played starting center for the nation Canadian team during the Olympics.
  3. Jesse Young Although this Canadian basketball player may not have made a huge impact in the NBA, he made a reputation larger than life in the NCAA. This famous Canadian basketball player led one of the best George Mason basketball teams that the NCAA has ever been graced with.
  4. Greg Newton Just like the player above, this Canadian became famous through the ranks of the NCAA rather than the NBA. Greg Newton was so good that when he played for the Duke Blue Devils, he was practically a household name.
  5. Jamaal Magloire Although Jamaal was not good enough in his stint with the Miami Heat, when he returned to Canada to join the Canadian Basketball League he rose to stardom. This famous Canadian basketball player is the Michael Jordan of Canada's league.
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