5 Famous Deaf Athletes

Many people may be surprised at this list of five famous deaf athletes. However, these athletes prove that no matter what life throws at you anything is possible. Read on to learn more about these five famous deaf athletes.

  1. Terrance Parkin. In the Olympics of 2000 this famous deaf athlete won second place in the 200 meter breaststroke. Terrance has been swimming since he was twelve years old. Since he could not hear when the race was supposed to start when he first started swimming Terrance's coach would stand where he could single Terrance when it was time to start the race.
  2. Kenny Walker. After suffering from spinal meningitis when he was two years old Kenny Walker became deaf. In 1991 and 1992 this famous deaf athlete was a defensive lineman for the Denver Broncos. During games, he read other players lips to understand the calls of the game. Later Mr. Walker became the first deaf player in the Canadian Football league.
  3. Curtis Pride. Famous baseball coach, Curtis Pride, has been deaf since he has been born. During his career, as a famous deaf athlete, Pride played for six different Major League Baseball teams. In June of 2010 Curtis Pride was sworn into the Presidents 2010 council of fitness, sports, and nutrition.
  4. James Burke This famous deaf athlete was born deaf and fought in his first boxing match at the age of nineteen. Burke is most famous for his bare knukle championship fight against Simon Byrne. Byrne lost the match and died three days after the match due to injuries he suffered during the match.
  5. William Ellsworth Hoy. William was known to many people as Dummy Hoy. Hoy is most famous for the hand singles he created, which are still used in baseball today. Since Hoy was deaf, he had his coach single to him what the umpires were saying during baseball games. Even though this famous deaf athlete has never made it into the National Baseball Hall of fame, his name has been on the ballot several times.
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