5 Famous Female Soccer Players

Here is a list of 5 famous female soccer players. Soccer is a worldwide popular sport. In fact, it is the most famous sport in the world. Just as men have impacted the game, females have impacted this sport in a huge way as well. Some of the most famous soccer players ever include:

  1. Mia Hamm- She might not still be playing, but even despite that she is still one of the most famous female soccer players ever. She is a household name all over the world. Her name and soccer go together hand in hand.
  2. Kristine Lilly- Kristine Lilly is one of the most tenured soccer players among both men and women. She has appeared in over 300 matches and has become known all over the world as she represents team USA proudly.
  3. Heather Mitts- Heather Mitts may be married to a fairly successful NFL quarterback, but she has not failed to make a reputation for herself as one of the most famous female players. Playing for Philadelphia Heather has pulled off some pretty amazing goals.
  4. Joy Fawcett- Joy has become a very popular female soccer player because she has defied many odds against her. Standing at a tiny five foot five, Joy has become one of the most dominating female soccer players internationally.
  5. Julie Fowdy- How did Fowdy become a popular female soccer player? By living the All American dream. She has appeared in the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Olympics, winning two gold medals and one silver. She is one of the most decorated soccer players alive.



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