5 Famous Females Who Are Taller Than Most Males

If you like women with a lot height, then you’ll want to read about these 5 famous females who are taller than most males. Whether they are actresses, models, or politicos, the women on this list all share one aspect in common, they are well-known in part because of their extreme height.

  1. Geena Davis. This actress is a famous female who is taller than most males. At 6’ tall, she towers over the majority of her costars. She played a female president on the TV show “Commander in Chief” and fit the role of a tall, strong woman.
  2. Uma Thurman. This Amazonian actress took on men and women alike when she played the ruthless and highly trained Bride in “Kill Bill.” In real life, Uma is taller than most males. Standing at six feet tall, Uma is not a woman you want to anger.
  3. Elle Macpherson. This hot model stays ingrained in men's minds because of her extreme attractiveness. Elle is both sexy and super tall. At six feet tall, she is a famous female who is taller than most males.
  4. Nicole Kidman. The Aussie actress is 5’11’’ and is a female who is much taller than most males. She appeared especially tall when she appeared in public next to ex-husband Tom Cruise, who only stands 5’7’’ tall.
  5. Ann Coulter. This controversial conservative pundit has a pretty intimidating demeanor, as well as an intimidating height. At 6’, Ann is a famous female who is taller than most males who face up against her in political interviews.
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