5 Famous French Politicians

These 5 famous French politicians have had an impact not only on their homeland of France, but the rest of the world as well. Some of these 5 famous French politicians are well known because of the causes they supported, some because of their tactics, and one for just being really French. Either way, all of them changed the face of politics.

  1. Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord We will refer to this French diplomat simply as Talleyrand, since that's how he is commonly known. The man was a ridiculously adept negotiator, which earned him the nickname of "The Prince of Diplomats." It just so happened that he most often used his influence to gain favors for himself, rather than helping out all of France. He was also well known as a womanizer, believed to have fathered at least four illegitimate children. And that is how you earn a spot on the 5 famous French politicians list.
  2. Jean Monnet Jean Monnet earned his spot on the 5 famous French politicians list with his contributions to European Unity. Monnet is considered the father of European Unity, which brought 27 countries together into a single market with common laws and currency. This idea was a great economic leap forward. While Monnet is not known for having mistresses, he did convince a woman nineteen years younger than him to divorce her husband and marry him instead.
  3. Victor Schoelcher Victor Schoelcher is famous for his anti-slavery writings. He was very active in the abolitionist movement trying to eradicate slavery on the Caribbean islands. Schloechler wrote ten texts on the issue of slavery over his lifetime, and is greatly respected for the devotion he showed to the abolitionist cause. It is that devotion that makes him one of the 5 famous French politicians. 
  4. Gisele Halimi Gisele Halimi is one of the only 5 famous French politicians to be a strong proponent for the feminist movement in France. She also works as a lawyer, and often blends the two doing whatever she can to protect the rights of French women. She was also elected to the French National Assembly as an independent Socialist in 1981.
  5. Felix Faure Felix Faure would not have gotten along with Gisele Halimi if he were alive to meet her. Faure was the President of France from 1895 until his death in 1899. He had a successful political career, but it his death that most remember. Faure died at the age of 58 while engaged in some sort of sexual activity with a 30-year-old named Marguerite Steinheil. Apparently Faure had trouble keeping up with the younger woman, but rest assured that he died a legend as one of the 5 famous French politicians.
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