5 Famous Kayakers

Learn about these 5 famous kayakers who have braved the raging waters and endless oceans. These paddlers have pioneered the sport, making it more than a hobby or outdoor activity, but an extreme way of life. These five kayakers have earned their fame and recognition with years of experience, devotion and remarkable expeditions.

  1. Tao Berman Tao Berman may be the most famous kayaker to date. With a love for the sport and a rigorous training schedule, Berman has become a three-time world record holder and has pioneered 50 descents around the world. He's also the master of kayaking promotion and financial success with sponsors from several major companies.
  2. Franz Romer Of the five most famous kayakers, Franz Romer is one the first who pioneered the sport. In 1928, this German World War I veteran traveled from Lisbon, Portugal to the Virgin Islands. Romer was the first to cross the Atlantic in a sea kayak. He tried to then paddle up the American coastline to New York, but missed a hurricane warning and lost his life at sea.
  3. Derek Hutchinson Derek Hutchinson is a kayaking pioneer. In 1975, he attempted to cross the harshest of waters—the North Sea between England and Belgium. The following year, he and his crew made it successfully, clearly making Hutchinson one of the most famous kayakers. Today he passes his knowledge and expertise on as a coach and instructor.
  4. Paul Caffyn Paul Caffyn is a kayaking legend. He is known for paddling around mainland Australia over 25 years ago. Caffyn is undoubtedly New Zealand's best and one of the world's most remarkable paddlers of all time. He has also circumnavigated around Iceland, Japan and New Zealand. His book, "The Dreamtime Voyage," chronicles his experiences.
  5. Ed Gillet Ed Gillet paddled from California to Hawaii alone. Because of the currents from El Nino, his journey was physically intense and nearly impossible. It is one of the longest expeditions and the longest solo journey across open waters.

These five famous kayakers have crossed oceans and seas for hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of miles, risking their lives the entire way. Why? Could it be anything less than the love of the sport and the desire to be the best?


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