5 Famous Politicians With Tattoos

There are many famous people that sport tattoos these days, including these 5 famous politicians with tattoos. Some of these tattoos are displayed proudly, while others are strategically placed to be hidden behind layers of clothing.

The popularity of tattoos have yo-yo'd throughout history, with the art being started thousands of years ago and decorating many men and women, to being considered something that only the lower-class and criminals would place onto their body. In the 1800’s and 1900’s tattooing became favored by royalty and the elite.  Over the past 50 years tattoos have continued to grow in popularity, yet there are not many politicians with tattoos. Some of these five famous politicians with tattoos have transcended their time in history, while others hide them in regret.

  1. Winston Churchill. The famous former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Nobel Prize Winner had an anchor tattoo on his right arm. Lady Randolph Churchill, his mother, also had a snake tattoo on her right wrist. Winston Churchill was one of the first famous politician to have, or at least admit to having, a tattoo.
  2. President Theodore Roosevelt. The 32nd president of the United States proudly bore a tattoo image of his family crest across his chest. Not many people are aware of this famous politician’s tattoo because it was simply in a location which was not readily visible.  It was not that he was ashamed or regretted the tattoo, but the location that made it inconspicuous.
  3. Caroline Kennedy. This famous politician with a tattoo may have regrets about her artwork. During a trip to Hong Kong in the ‘80s Caroline and cousin Kara Kennedy were challenged by John F. Kennedy Jr. and Teddy Kennedy Jr. to get inked. She ended up with a small butterfly tattoo on her arm, near the inside crook of her elbow. At the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, the audience receives a glimpse of the tattoo, which looks like it is in the process of being removed.
  4. Barry Goldwater. Known as the father of modern U.S. conservatism, he had a very small tattoo on the underside of his left hand. This tattoo was a crescent moon with 4 dots, which is the trademark of the Smoki People. The Smoki People is a group of people, based in Arizona, which functions as a sort of Boy Scouts for grownups. Mr. Goldwater campaigned for the Presidency of the United States in 1964. This was a time in which tattoos were not socially acceptable, yet that did not stop Mr. Goldwater from being one of the few famous politicians with a tattoo.
  5. John Fetterman. Mayor of the town of Braddock Pennsylvania. Described him as "America's coolest mayor" in many publications. He has also appeared on "The Colbert Report" in 2009.One of his forearms displays the number 15104 in bold black type, which is the zip code of the town of which he is mayor.  The other forearm bears a list of six dates. These are the dates on which people have died in awful circumstances under his watch. Now that is a dedicated mayor!


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