5 Famous Sex Addicts

Want to know about 5 famous sex addicts? There is some controversy over whether sex addiction is a real disease or not. When celebrities tend to find themselves amidst sex scandals, it is easy to wonder, are some celebrities using it as an excuse to cheat and get away with it? Here are 5 famous sex addicts, some who have been in treatment for their addiction and others who are just known for their sexual exploits.

  1. Tiger Woods Who else could top this list other than Tiger Woods? He has been one of the most recent celebrity in the news. His success and fame led him down a path of sex and lies that eventually caught up with him. His scandal caused such a stir since he seemed to be such a good role model with a character that many people, both young and old looked up to.
  2. Jesse James Another celebrity that belongs at the top of the list. When mistresses started coming out of the woodwork, James checked himself into a sex rehab facility.  A written apology to Sandra Bullock was the start of his road to redemption, but even that was not enough to save their marriage.
  3. David Duchovny Duchovny might have been one of the first celebrities to make headlines for actually seeking treatment for sex addiction. He went into rehab in 2008 after his wife Tea Leoni found out about his affairs. Apparently therapy worked for him and he has a very forgiving wife because they are still together.
  4. Michael Douglas A self proclaimed sex addict, Douglas actually has a pre-nuptial agreement that says that if he sleeps with someone other than Catherine Zeta Jones, he will have to pay her 5 million dollars.
  5. Charlie Sheen Sheen has been in treatment for just about everything. Although he has admitted to being a sex addict, it is the one thing he has not sought treatment for. In his case it is probably better for it to sound like he has a disease instead of just being promiscuous.
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