5 Famous Soccer Players From Chile

The 5 famous soccer players from Chile are current and retired players that stand out among everyone else. The rise to fame for soccer players comes easier as a top goal scorer but the defenders on the 5 famous soccer players from Chile have the ability to stop top goal scorers from other teams. All players have been a part of the National team, have participated in World Cup games and won various awards.

  1. Ivan Zamorano. Born January 18, 1967 in Santiago, Ivan Zamorano is the most famous soccer player from Chile whose career started in 1983 with Cobresal. Playing with eight different club teams before retiring in 2003, Ivan Zamorano was also a part of the Chile National Team from 1987–2001 playing in 69 games, and scoring 34 goals. During 1992-1996 Ivan was playing for Real Madrid and in four seasons played 137 games, scoring 77 goals which led to him winning the the 1994-95 La Liga title. Ivan Zamorano has a bronze Olympic medal for the 2000 Sydney games in which he scored six goals. Currently Ivan is an assistant coach for Chilean Under 18 national soccer team, making him a candidate for future head soccer positions.
  2. Marcelo Salas. Retired soccer player born December 24, 1974 in Temuco, Marcelo goes by the nickname El Fenómeno (The Phenomenon) and is one of the most famous soccer players from Chile. Starting and finishing his professional soccer career with U de Chile, Marcelo Salas played with them from 1993-1995 and 2005-2008. During his time playing soccer for River Plate Marcelo Salas received the 1997 South American Footballer of the Yea, and 1998 Chilean Player of the Year. Marcelo Salas striker skills has him listed number 31 for South America player of the century, ranked by International Federation of Football History and Statistics.
  3. Elias Figueroa. Born October 25, 1946 in Valparaíso, Elias Figueroa played professional soccer from 1964-1982 as a defender. Playing in three World Cups, Elias Figueroa was nickname "Great Red Wall" for being a pivotal defender for Chilie. Elias Figueroa is one of the most famous soccer players from Chile for the amount of awards and recognition he was given. On the International Federation of Football History and Statistics World Play of the Century he is ranked #37 and is the only player from Chile to make the list. In 1975 and 1976 he was named the FIFA player of the year, but it was Elias Figueroa's 1976 Bola de Ouro (Golden Ball) award for best player of the Brazilian Championship rose him further to fame. 
  4. Humberto Suazo. Current soccer player Humberto Suazo was born May 10, 1981 in Valparaíso, Chile started his career in 2000 with Ñublense. Humberto Suazo's popularity began to rise during the 2003 season with San Luis de Quillota  in which he played in 40 games and scored 40 goals. In July 2007, he represented Chile in the Copa America of Venezuela and scored three goals during four matches. During his two seasons with Colo Colo, Humberto Suazo played in 44 games and scored 38 goals making him one of the most famous current strikers from Chile.
  5. Leonel Sánchez. Retired soccer player born April 25, 1936 in Santiago de Chile, Leonel Sánchez is one of the most important players to ever play for Chile making him one of the most famous Chile soccer players. International game appearances for a players country is known as "cap" and Leonel Sánchez holds the record for Chile by representing in 84 international games with his National Team. He was 19 years old for his first cap against Brazil, and his last cap was against Peru when Leonel was 32 years old.
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