5 Fast Bowling Tips

If you are wanting to become a faster bowler, here are 5 fast bowling tips that you should know. Bowling is not that hard of a sport once you get the hang of it. You just need to know the right tips to get you started.

  1. Use your non-bowling arm. This arm is way more important than your bowling arm when it comes to bowling faster. Use this arm by driving it out and down to where it passes by your side. If you do it correctly, it will speed up your bowling shoulder, therefore increasing the speed at which your bowl.
  2. Keep your arms and elbows pumped. Keeping your arms and elbows pumped up as you run in will load into your action. Any unnecessary side movements will throw off your momentum. Keeping your arms and elbows tight will help you to get a faster speed ball.
  3. Don't throw your bowling arm to high. Try to keep your bowling arm high to increase your speed. Throwing this arm to high will set you off balance, making your throw slower. Remember that you are supposed to be going forward and not up and down.
  4. Know your best positions and techniques. Know your best position for bowling faster. Some people may shift to the side a little bit or some people may shift forward. Knowing the best techniques that work for your body will give you a better insight of which techniques work personally for you. This is one of the most useful fast baiting tips.
  5. Practice, practice. The more practice you have, the better and faster you will be at bowling. If you don't do this fast bowling tip, you won't be throwing a speedier ball any time soon.
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