5 Fastest Rock Climbers

The 5 fastest rock climbers have amazed the world with their ability to speedily surmount dangerous, sometimes seemingly impossible, rocks. The skill, concentration and dedication of these climbers make them the best in the sport.

  1. Ueli Steck. Since he was 17 years old the Swiss climber has amazed the world with his speed. Named one of the three best climbers in Europe, Steck has been awarded the Eiger Award, the highest award for climbers that recognizes the recipient’s contribution to the sport. In 2008 Steck climbed Heckmair Route alone in under 3 hours. Steck is one of the fastest rock climbers.
  2. Dan Osman. The American extreme sports enthusiast climbed without safety gear. The climber once whipped through more than 400 feet of rock in just over four minutes. Sadly, Osman fell to his death during one of his climbs. However, Osman’s record makes him one of the five fastest rock climbers of all time.
  3. Russell Brice. From New Zeland, Brice’s climb of Cho Oyo and Ama Dablam are the fastest ever. The fact that these climbs were done without oxygen demonstrates Brice’s true speed. Brice is one of the fastest rock climbers in the world.
  4. Pembra Dorjie Sherpa. This Nepalese climber doesn’t mess around. Evidence of this climber’s speed can be seen in the fact that in 2003 he climbed Mount Everest in just barely over 8 hours. That world record earned him the title of one of the fastest climbers.
  5. Hans Florine and Yuji Hirayama. This duo scaled the side of El Capitan in two hours and 43 minutes. The duo broke the world record previously held by a pair of German brothers, in 2009. While needing to share, each equally deserves the title of fastest rock climber.
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