5 Fat British Actors

Though politically correct these days to say, “portly, robust or stout”, most think more bluntly when considering 5 fat British actors:

  1. Sydney Greenstreet. Considered by the majority as the definitive fat British actor, roles in classics such as “Casablanca”and “The Maltese Falcon”show this performer’s talent to be even greater than his girth. 
  2. Robert Morley. This man is arguably one of the most recognizable character actors of all time. (And in case you don’t recognize the name, you’ll definitely remember this face from iconic films such as “The African Queen”. 
  3. Richard Attenborough. The majority of this fantastic actor’s career occurred while he maintained a basically average weight. But as he aged he put on quite a few pounds while appearing in films such as “Jurassic Park”.
  4. Alfred Hitchcock. Obviously one of the greatest directors of all time, Hitchcock is also known by many for his comedic turns in television’s “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”and cameos throughout a string of brilliant films he directed. And though his legendary career was founded in skills behind the camera, his large physical frame has become nearly as well-known for those thinking of fat British actors.
  5. Ricky Gervais. Most (by today’s standards) would consider this actor to be merely chubby. But due to his self-effacing humor in both film and on stage where his weight is concerned, it is best to remember this talented individual when considering fat British actors.   

The talent is huge and the physiques are large where these and many other fat British actors are concerned. So keep your eyes out for such entertainers…preferably on a wide screen.  

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